A Milestone Reviewer’s role

Milestone Reviewers review milestones in SoM, and they can approve or seek clarifications before agreeing that the project has adequately documented the outputs and evidence of progress that their project will produce.

Milestone Reviewers then evaluate if the evidence of completion or achievement is available. That evidence is of a high enough quality to give the community confidence that the milestone has been achieved and the project can progress towards the next milestone.

The goal of the Milestone Reviewer is to ensure that each Funded Project has achieved its deliverables and provided suitable evidence to demonstrate their progress or completed project. The Milestone Reviewer is responsible for approving the milestones or asking for clarification or further evidence that the deliverables have been met.

It is not the role of the Milestone Reviewer if the Funded Project is initially suitable for Catalyst funding, as the community has already consented for the project to begin.

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