Funding Glossary of Terms

Final Milestone: represents the last step for Funded Projects before their project is considered complete and includes submitting a Project Close-Out Report and a Project Close-Out Video.

Funded Project: a project approved for funding by the community of ada holders as part of Fund 11.

Grant Amount: the total funding the community approves for a Funded Project.

Proof of Achievement (PoA): evidence to be submitted by Funded Projects to show that the acceptance criteria for a Milestone as set out in the Statement of Milestones have been fulfilled and the Milestone has been completed.

Proof of Life (PoL): a process that requires Funded Projects to confirm that at least one or more individuals represent a Funded Project. This is part of the onboarding process.

Milestone: a milestone identified by the Funded Projects in the Statement of Milestones with a corresponding Milestone Achievement Date and a Milestone Funding Amount.

Milestone Achievement Date: a date specified in the Statement of Milestones on which a Funded Project will complete a related Milestone.

Milestone Funding Amount: the % of the Grant Amount to be paid to a Funded Project in connection with a Milestone.

Milestones Module: the interface in which a Funded Project administers the project, to produce and submit the SoM and PoA

Project Closeout Report (PCR): a written report to be submitted by a Funded Project once all the Milestones in the Statement of Milestones have been completed. The report should include a summary of deliverables, whether any success metrics were (or were not) addressed, and the next stage plans for the product or service developed. This report is to be submitted along with the Project Close-Out Video.

Project Closeout Video (PCV): a demonstration video to be prepared by a Funded Project once all the milestones in the Statement of Milestones have been completed. This video needs to be completed according to the latest PCV guidelines requirements. This is required to complete a project along with the PCR.

Statement of Milestones (SoM): list of milestones in the project created by Funded Project in the Milestone Module with the schedule, deliverables, milestone achievement dates, milestone funding amounts, and the expected PoA.

Outputs of the milestone: Description of what FP will produce in a particular milestone. For example, documentation, prototype, research paper, UIUX designs, customer/user-centered research, work package technical outputs, demonstrations/pilots, white paper, business/tokenomics model, events, measurable engagement, software implementation, or any outputs that FP will provide.

Acceptance criteria of the milestone: The acceptance criteria are linked to intended outcomes and targets. They are standards by which to judge whether an objective/goal/target has been achieved/successful.

Evidence of milestone completion: The evidence clearly and visibly shows that the milestone has been completed.

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