What is not good evidence?

General rules

  • The information provided does not clearly show that the milestone has been accomplished.

  • The links submitted do not work, so the project's evidence cannot be effectively verified.

    • For E.g., Git repo is publicly accessible, which will allow for review

  • The evidence submitted is not in line with the Ideascale proposal

  • The evidence contains project description only, without any progress

  • Evidence is in a different language than English

Specific evidence

If image/video is evidence:

  • Quality is poor - unable to watch/see

  • Lack of description

If code is evidence:

  • It isn’t in the Git repository

  • Activity in Github doesn’t match what is stated in the milestone

If presentation/slide is evidence:

  • There is only a project description, no track of any progression

If a website is the evidence:

  • There is no clear evidence of new features/updates on the website and their description

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