Milestone Reviewer expectations

Statement of Milestones (SoM) review

  1. SoM is assigned to Milestone Reviewers during the onboarding stage

    • Milestone Reviewers will receive a link to reset password by February 16th. Reviewers are obliged to reset password within 24 hours from receive of the link (by February 17th EOD)

    • Reviewers will be asked to check if allocated projects are visible in the Milestone Module and check if they have knowledge to review each assigned project (by February 19th EOD)

    • Milestone Reviewers will have to inform the Catalyst Team about being unable to review certain projects by the 20th of February 6 AM UTC.

      • If Catalyst Team is not informed, then would mean for Catalyst Team that each assigned project will be reviewed

    • All assigned SoM (including SoM resubmissions) must be reviewed by March 3, 6 PM UTC.

      • In case of the situation described in point c, the Catalyst Team will ask on TG channel for F11 Milestone Reviewers which Reviewer will review additional SoM. Milestone Reviewers who will decide to review additional SoMs will be obliged to review them by the March 3rd, 6 PM UTC

      • If there is not enough Milestone Reviewers who decide to review additional SoM, Catalyst Team will review them by the March 3rd, 6 PM UTC

    • Milestone Reviewers will be obliged to follow email notifications of new submitted/resubmitted SoM on a daily basis. Additionally, Milestone Reviewers will receive information about submitted/resubmitted SoM to review through the milestone module in TO DO/UPDATES section

Proof of Achievement (PoA) review

  1. Milestone Reviewers assigned to review SoM, may be required to review PoA for each milestone of certain project

  2. Each submitted or resubmitted PoA has to be reviewed within 3 working days from submission/resubmission. It will allow FP to resubmit PoA if needed.

    • Milestone Reviewers should bear in mind that only PoAs reviewed and locked by the 20th of each month will be paid in the following payment so should do their best to maintain payment cycle for each assigned projects in every month

    • Milestone Reviewers will be obliged to follow email notifications about submitted/resubmitted PoA. Additionally, information about submitted/resubmitted PoAs to review will be visible in the milestone module in TO DO/UPDATES section

IMPORTANT: Milestone Reviewers who won’t meet the deadlines mentioned in this document, risk being removed from the list of Milestone Reviewers all together. Such reviewers may not be accepted as Milestone Reviewers in the next Funds.

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