Key dates during the onboarding stage

By February 16th - email to chosen Milestone Reviewers along with a link to reset password in the Milestone Module.

By February 17th EOD UTC - Milestone Reviewers should create accounts in the Milestone Module

19th - 20th February progressively - Catalyst Team will assign Milestone Reviewers to specific projects in the Milestone Module (allocation process depends on completion of onboarding form by Funded Projects)

By February 21st EOD UTC - Milestone Reviewers should check if assigned projects are visible, and inform the Catalyst Team about being unable to review specific projects via TG.

From February 19 th to March 3rd EOD UTC - Milestone Reviewers should check email notification on daily basis to see if there are any milestones submission/resubmission to review

By March 3rd EOD UTC - All submitted/resubmitted milestones in SoM must be reviewed.

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