Approval and payment of Milestones

  1. Upon completion of the Onboarding process, the project is considered LIVE and the project can begin. After receiving the 1st Milestone Funding Amount, Funded Projects may submit Proof of Achievement as evidence that one or more Milestones in their Statement of Milestones have been completed.

  2. Proof of Achievement must be submitted using the Milestone Module Interface. It must provide (a) evidence of the outputs to be delivered for that Milestone, and (b) evidence that the acceptance criteria in the Statement of Milestones for that Milestone have been fulfilled. Funded Projects are responsible for coherently and comprehensively demonstrating that a Milestone has been completed.

  3. Upon submission of a Proof of Achievement, Milestone Reviewers will receive notification that a new Proof of Achievement has been submitted for review.

  4. Milestone Reviewers will verify that evidence supplied for Proof of Achievement meets the expected achievements stated in the Statement of Milestones, considering expected outputs, acceptance criteria, and evidence of completion. If achievements have not been met, the Reviewers will record what is missing from the Proof of Achievement submission.

  5. The approval of at least 1 Milestone Reviewer will be required to approve Proof of Achievements for Projects with a Grant Amount of 200,000 ada or less. For Projects with a Grant Amount of more than 200,000 ada, the approval of at least 2 Milestone Reviewers will be required. If one reviewer approves and the other does not, the Funded Projects has to resubmit the PoA taking into account comments provided, and go through the review process again.

  6. Once all reviewers form consensus, the Catalyst Team makes a final check and provides final approval. Approval by the Catalyst Team unlocks the Milestone Funding Amount attributed to the next Milestone on the Statement of Milestones.

  7. Milestone Funding Amounts will be paid in equal monthly installments depending on the proposed Milestone Achievement Date for each Milestone. In other words, if a Milestone is scheduled to be completed over a period of 3 months, the Milestone Funding Amount for that milestone will be paid in 3 equal monthly instalments.

  8. Payment of the Milestone Funding Amount will be subject to Funded Projects submitting monthly Progress Reports, which demonstrate the overall progress made by the project in the previous month, together with supporting evidence.

  • A Progress Report differs from Proof of Achievement which is intended to demonstrate that a particular Milestone has been achieved. Progress Reports are subject to approval by the Catalyst Team only, however, both Progress Reports and PoA are made publicly available for the community to see.

  • Funded Projects are not expected to submit a Progress Report in the first 30 days of the project and during the Final Acceptance Milestone period.

  • Failure to submit Progress Reports and/or rejected Progress Reports will result in a delay in disbursements for that month. In such cases, there will not be a double payment in the subsequent month - the project timelines will be extended by 1 month.

  1. As a general rule, Milestone Funding Amounts are paid in advance to support Funded Projects delivering a Milestone. By exception, the Milestone Funding Amount associated with the Final Acceptance Milestone is paid in arrears after FP made the Final Acceptance Milestone according to point 7 above.

  2. The first Proof of Achievement submitted by Funded Projects must prove that Milestone 1 has been completed.

  3. Funded Projects may submit more than one Proof of Achievement in the same month if required.

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