What is Proof of Achievement (PoA)

In F10, Projects are required to deliver against their planned milestones throughout the lifespan of their project as set forth in the Statement of Milestones. When individual milestones are met, funded projects must submit Proof of Achievement (PoA). PoA is documentation to be submitted by the Funded Projects showing that the acceptance criteria for a milestone as set out in the Statement of Milestones have been fulfilled and the milestone has been completed.

Funding is contingent on the Proof of Achievement being submitted and accepted.

Below can be found general information on what should be included in PoA:

  • PoA should prove that the work planned and described in the milestone has been accomplished

  • PoA should be presented in a way that is understandable for the Milestone Reviewer and the Community

  • PoA should match what is stated in the milestone

  • PoA summary should be provided in an unchangeable form that can be archived (e.g., PDF)

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