How to vote?

A detailed walkthrough on how to submit votes in Project Catalyst after connecting a registered wallet to the mobile app

This tutorial assumes you have already connected your wallet. If you haven't already, please review this guide.

Browse Categories

Once voting has started, you will be able to view your voting power and start browsing proposals.

Browse Proposals

Click on a category to view all proposals inside that challenge. Click on any proposal to open the proposal details page.

Review Proposal Details

Review all proposal details to come to an informed decision. Click on any of the links inside the proposal to get more information, including:

  • Average community review scores and written reviews from individual reviewers. Be sure to review all 3 dimensions: Impact, Feasibility, and Value For Money

  • Relevant links provided by the proposer (eg project website, video overview, github, etc.)

  • Relevant experience from the proposing team

  • Full proposal details on the website

Make Selection

Once you're ready to make a decision on a proposal, click one of the voting buttons pinned to the bottom of the proposal details screen. This will add your choice to the My Selection tab, where you can begin the vote submission process. You may proceed directly to My Selection after making your choice, or you may choose to Continue Voting.

If you choose to Continue Voting, simply navigate to the My Selection tab once you are ready to proceed with casting a batch of votes.

Change Selection

You may change any selection prior to submitting your vote. From My Selection, click on a proposal and make a new selection. To finalize your decision, follow the normal steps to submit a vote.

Remove vote before submitting:

  1. Go to "My selection".

  2. Click "Remove" on the bottom right of the proposal you want removed.

  3. Vote is removed and the list is updated.

Submit Votes

Once you are ready to finalize your decision, navigate to the My Selection tab, and click Submit My Votes. You will be prompted to enter a pin - use the same one you used to connect your wallet to the app. Click Confirm to submit your votes to the blockchain. Once your votes have been processed by the blockchain, you will see a confirmation message - don't forget to share your feedback via the survey!

You may view your submitted votes at any time by navigating to the Votes tab.

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