Submitting your Statement of Milestones

All projects in F10 will be following new reporting requirements based on clear milestones, reviewed by two Milestone reviewers throughout project delivery. Funding will be linked to demonstrating that you have achieved your specified milestones. More information is available here.

Your original Catalyst proposal provided some details on the project roadmap, budget, and timeline of deliverables. This should help you translate into milestones, however please do not simply cut and paste from your Catalyst Proposal.

You will also have the opportunity to correlate your project proposal to specified milestones with potentially new and relevant data to add for example you will be required to specify:

  • What each milestone is

  • What outputs will be delivered and the success criteria for each milestone outputs

  • The projected budget to reach each milestone

  • The projected month to reach each milestone

  • What the final capabilities will be demonstrated at the end of the project

  • This final output should demonstrate that the product or service works and can bring tangible value

By shifting to milestone-based deliverables your projects are able to reflect tangible and demonstrable progress to the community.

To gain a better understanding of how to submit your milestones in the best way, On this page you can review the process from the perspective of a milestone reviewer.

Please note:

  • Only once both the Milestone Reviewers have agreed your Statement of Milestones, your project will go Live and your first payment will be released.

  • Payments to reach the next milestone will be made once you have demonstrated your achievement of completion of the current milestone so it is very important that the milestones you submit are clear as these milestones are the measure by which your funds will be released.

  • If your Statement of Milestones is not agreed to by both Milestone Reviewers you will have the opportunity to submit a revised Statement of Milestones for agreement. This process will however delay the release of your first payment so please do take time when working on this.

The Milestone Module can be found here. FP will receive an email with a link to reset password and create a new one in the Milestone Module on September 26th.). This module is for you to list in detail the key project milestones which will be used to measure the progress of your project.

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