How to identify my ID in the Ideascale?

Anonymized ID can be found in your profile, it will be visible once proposals allocation is done. IMPORTANT NOTE: Allocations and anonymized ID are not visible on the mobile devices.

I registered to become a Community Reviewer and participate in the Community Review stage but I don’t have any proposals allocated.

During the proposal allocation process, an automated analysis is conducted on the reviewer registrations received. If you registered but did not receive any allocations or level assignments, it means the analysis detected unusual activity associated with your account, including the potential use of multiple accounts for the review process. Consequently, you have been automatically excluded from participating in this round of project reviews.

I was LV1 Community Reviewer in the previous Fund but now I am moved to LV0, why?

Eligibility thresholds and requirements changes between Funds. It is possible that you were eligible to be LV1 in the previous Fund but not in the current one. Please check in the previous section what are the requirements for the current Fund.

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