Statement of Milestone Process

Project Catalyst has introduced milestone-based funding in Fund9. Specific projects from Fund9, and all funded projects from Fund10 onwards, will follow new processes to receive funding based on clear milestones, reviewed by both Catalyst Team Reviewer and Milestone Reviewer throughout project delivery. Under this framework, funding is conditional upon a Funded Project (FP) demonstrating that it has achieved its set milestones. Fund10 guidelines can be found here.

The accountability of Catalyst FPs is crucial in preserving a fair and unbiased funding framework. This guide aims to assist projects funded by Project Catalyst in Fund9 to understand the process around their Statement of Milestones (SoM) and Proof of Achievement (PoA) using the new milestone module.

Milestone-based funding enables funded projects to lay out their critical path to delivering their promises, highlighting each key milestone, output, acceptance criteria, costs, and evidence of achievements. In this context, a milestone is an important event or action in a project or business journey that marks a crucial stage of progress. It is an essential reporting tool to inform the Catalyst team and the community about the project's progress.

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