What do you need to do?

There are four key tasks for PoL Verifiers at the onboarding stage:

  1. Submit the PoL meeting schedule form by EOD 14th February 2024.

  2. Once you have received the funded project contact list from Catalyst, contact the funded projects assigned to your group by EOD 19 February 2024 to inform them of the available schedules for the PoL meetings

  3. Conduct the PoL meetings and confirm PoL for each project assigned to you. More details below on how to do this. These meetings will take place between 20th February 2024 and 1st March 2024.

  4. Inform Catalyst once you have confirmed PoL with all of your projects by EOD 3 March

Immediate tasks

  • You must confirm PoL with your project teams. You can conduct these meetings as you see fit, provided all the requirements outlined in this document are met. At least two PoL Verifiers need to take part in each PoL meeting.

  • Without PoL verification, funded project teams will not receive funding, so this is a critical and essential part of your role during onboarding.

  • You are more than welcome to attend the Funded Projects Celebration meeting set formally by IO to set the scene for Funded Projects (this is NOT a PoL meeting)

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