Cardano Partners short list

Project Catalyst would like to extend sincere gratitude for everyone’s participation in Fund12.

The proposals submitted to this pilot Cardano Partners category were exceptional. While so many proposals are outstanding, the competitive nature of this pilot initiative necessitates the creation of a shortlist. Only 4-6 projects will likely get funded this time around, from 70 proposals validating the need for such a category in future funds.

The panel review and shortlisting was carried out by a multistakeholder panel of representatives comprising : established community leaders, Intersect, and the pioneering entities of the Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, and the IOG Catalyst Team.

The panel faced a challenging task, given the high quality and innovation reflected in each proposal and each group brought unique insights to the process:

  • Pioneering entities provided invaluable market insights

  • Community leaders contributed their own subject matter expertise and sense-making of Cardano community aspirations

  • Catalyst team shared insights from 1:1 interviews with most applicants, offering a deeper understanding of each proposal's potential and the veracity of the collaboration between parties-involved.

From A-Z, the Fund12 Cardano Partners and Real World Integrations short list that the Cardano community will vote on is:

This selection was made with the utmost care and consideration, focusing on a portfolio approach that has shortlisted a diverse range of use cases, from different parts of the world, and empowering Cardano builders dedicated to enterprise blockchain adoption.

We are seeking feedback on how Catalyst can improve and advance innovation together next round. Once again, thank you to all applicants for your participation and for sharing your innovative visions with Project Catalyst.

Voting begins on 27 June and results will be announced in the week of July 15th.

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