Voting registration minimal requirements

These are the pre-requisites you need to have in order to participate

  • Minimum requirement of 500 ADA

  • Prior to registration, you must install the latest version of the Catalyst Voting application on your mobile device.

  • Registration must be completed before the snapshot date.

  • Note: there is a registration fee of 0.17 - 0.18 ADA

If you registered before Fund10, you will need to reregister to receive rewards

If you registered before Fund10, we recommend creating a new registration.

Prior registrations will be eligible to cast votes, but not earn rewards.

Important info

  • If you registered in Fund4, Fund5, Fund6, Fund7, Fund8, and/or Fund9 and were able to cast votes - your registration will be automatically valid for Fund11 to cast votes but not to receive rewards (provided you still have your QR and PIN code you don't need to re-register). This does not apply to Fund2 or Fund3 registrations.

  • If you registered in Fund10 - and were able to cast a vote correctly - your registration is already valid for Fund11 without any additional steps required. Including rewards eligibility. Make sure you still have access to your correct QR/PIN code combination by connecting to the Voting App.

  • Voting power will be updated during the new snapshot taking place on January 15th at 21:45 UTC and show once voting begins at the latest.

  • Please note that iPhone 6 and before are not supported.

  • Regardless of your wallet, each registration will provide you with a unique QR and PIN code. These must absolutely be saved. No QR code saved, no vote! No PIN code saved, no vote!

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