Proof of Achievement (PoA)

Under F11, Projects are required to deliver against their planned milestones throughout the lifespan of their project as outlined in the Statement of Milestones. When individual milestones are met, funded projects must submit Proof of Achievement (PoA). Proof of Achievement differs from the monthly progress reports that projects must submit during the project lifecycle. Proof of Achievement is essentially documentation that has to be submitted by the Projects showing that the acceptance criteria for a milestone as set out in the Statement of Milestones have been fulfilled and the milestone has been completed.

Funding is contingent on the Proof of Achievement being submitted and accepted as set out in this guide.

Why Statements of Milestones and Proof of Achievement?

The Statement of Milestones and Proof of Achievement processes was introduced to create more accountability towards the Cardano Community around the use of Cardano Treasury funds by Funded Projects. Funding controls prevent the treasury from being misused since Projects must demonstrate completion of a milestone before receiving funding for subsequent milestones.

How to submit PoA

Funded Projects must submit their Proof of Achievement and supporting evidence to show that a Milestone has been completed using the Milestone module.

One milestone = one PoA form submission

Where to find each project’s SoMs and PoAs

Details of each Project’s Statement of Milestones and Proof of Achievement can be found here.

Approval of the Proof of Achievement

  • The amount project was approved during vote stage

  • The amount per milestone as agreed in the SoM

  • The proposed end date for each milestone as agreed via SoM documentation during onboarding

  • The quality and timeliness of reporting requirements over the lifecycle of a project

The amount and timing of funding project receives is primarily based on:

Key factors

  • Monthly disbursements to reach the next milestone will resume once project has demonstrated achievement of milestone completion and the reviewers have documented the verifications

  • PoA submission is for every individual milestone needs to be documented for public accountability:

    • Evidence of Outputs and acceptance criteria as per the verified milestone must be addressed

    • More relevant and explicit documented evidence, the higher the likelihood of smooth approval

    • It is recommended to include video walkthrough demonstrations for best chance of approval and contextual understanding as this provides narrative and dynamic visual evidence

    • Project evidence should be considerate of the general public’s level of comprehension


  • Milestone Reviewers reviews of PoA evidence will be visible on the dashboard in the Milestone module, and each FP will receive a notification in the To-do/Updates section and email notification will be sent in case of rejection.

  • In case PoA clarifications are required a follow-up submission may be requested

  • Please follow up swiftly to address any issues to alleviate any potential delays

  • Incomplete/inadequate submissions risk delay in verifying evidence and following payment distribution

Once the project submits a PoA, Milestone Reviewers will receive email notification

Process of checking PoA

  1. FP submits PoA through the Milestone Module

  2. Milestone Reviewers receive email notification that milestone was submitted

  3. First Milestone Reviewer compares if evidence of milestone provided meets the following: expected outputs, acceptance criteria or evidence of completion

    • If verified: PoA is approved by first Milestone Reviewer

    • If not verified: PoA is not approved by first Milestone Reviewer and feedback for FP is provided in the milestone module

  4. Once first Milestone Reviewer reviews PoA, second Milestone Reviewer makes review

  5. Second Milestone Reviewer compares if evidence of milestone provided meets acceptance criteria approved in SoM

    • If verified: PoA is approved by the second Milestone Reviewer

    • If not verified: PoA is not approved by second Milestone Reviewer, feedback for FP is provided in the module

  6. If one reviewer approves and the other does not, the Funded Projects has to resubmit the PoA taking into account comments provided, and go through the review process again.

  7. Catalyst sign off user will sign off PoA if possible

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