How Proof of Life is confirmed

During the PoL meeting scheduled with the CT, each funded project lead representative must provide CT with the following information to confirm your Proof of Life with camera ON:

  1. Your full name

    • This has to be either proposer or co-proposer as listed in Ideascale unless explicitly stated otherwise in the FP onboarding form

    • PoL is not for the entire team - one person is sufficient

  2. Your project name & project ID# e.g. 1000001 (not ideascale ID#)

    • Project ID# will be found in this document under Fund10 tab, Column B - post publishing F10 results

  3. Your primary place of business (which city/country)

    • Where the project is incorporated or its primary activities are based in.

  4. Your intended completion date

    • When will your project delivery finish based on the scope of funding

  5. A video guide sample about how to do PoL can be found here.

  6. If you cannot attend any of the Proof of Life group sessions it’s your responsibility to contact your CT and arrange a 1 to 1 meeting. You will be provided here with office hours slots where you can attend a main PoL meeting. Your project will not begin until PoL is satisfied.

  7. If you have already confirmed a PoL in previous funds you don’t need to do it again - you are automatically confirmed.

    • Primary proposer as listed in Ideascale has to be the same for this to be true.

    • CTs will be alerted to that fact.

  8. If you are funded for multiple projects in Fund 10

    • You only need to confirm PoL with one of the Challenge Teams assigned to you but you MUST inform the other Challenge Teams where your other projects are that you have confirmed PoL elsewhere.

  9. All Proof of life meetings are recorded.

  10. The deadline for delivering your Proof of Life is 2 October 2023 in order to be included in the first batch of funding. It is strongly recommended to attend any of the slots made available by CTs prior this deadline.

  11. If you do not attend any available PoL meeting with your CT then the CT will inform us and we will be in direct contact with you to establish if there is an issue.

If there are any issues with your PoL, please contact email to troubleshoot.

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