Glossary of terms

Funded Project (FP) - a project approved for funding by the community of ada holders as part of Fund10

Milestone reviewer - Reviewer which is part of the community

Catalyst Team reviewer* - Member of Catalyst Team which may review milestones in SoM and PoA if needed

Catalyst Team sign off user - Member of Catalyst Team who checks if a milestone in the SoM and PoA have received approvals required to release payment for FP and confirm the final result, locking the milestones in SoM and PoA so no further changes are possible.

Catalyst Team system admin - Catalyst Team member who has all capabilities in the Milestone module along with the possibility to export data in CSV format to create funding files

Proof of Achievement (PoA): evidence to be submitted by Funded Projects to show that the acceptance criteria for a milestone as set out in the Statement of Milestones have been fulfilled, and the milestone has been completed.

Statement of Milestones (SoM): list of milestones in the project created by the Funded Project in the Milestone Module with the schedule, deliverables, milestone achievement dates, milestone funding amounts, and the expected PoA.

*Catalyst Team Reviewer may be included in the review process in the following situations:

  • If there is not enough Milestone Reviewers

  • If Milestone Reviewer won’t review milestones in SoM and PoA within the given time frame, there will be a risk of payment delay

  • In case of any other unexpected situations not mentioned above

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