Dry run

What is a dry run?

A dry run is a software testing process conducted to make sure that a system works correctly. We use it in the Catalyst to validate if all systems and processes are working properly in the anticipation of a real vote.

Public dry run uses the Catalyst registrations that happen on the preprod network (to differentiate them from a real registrations on the mainnet) and uses a special app versions for both Android and IOS that are connected to the Catalyst preprod environments.

You can participate in dry run to help us find bugs and improve the Catalyst voting experience.

General steps:

  1. You need a preprod wallet funded with testADA.

  2. You need to make Catalyst voting registration using preprod wallet of step 1. As per usual Catalyst voting process, you need to complete registration before snapshot date for the dry run.

  3. You need to download the Catalyst voting app for the dry run.

    1. ANDROID - You need to download the app from the link in the next section.

    2. IOS - You need to subscribe to "test flight group" that will allow you to install dry run version (link in the next section).

  4. Once you have app installed, you can connect the QR code obtained in the step 2.

  5. Try the app features and vote for proposals. Remember that it is not a real voting event. You're just testing system functionalities and we observe backend behaviour for set up.

The dry run app is populated with fake proposals and categories to distinguish from real voting event data. - If you find any bugs or you want to provide feedback, please write on https://t.me/catalystdryruns - Once finished testing, remember to uninstall the dry run app and re-install the official one from the Play Store.

NOTE: Dry run voting app will replace the official voting app from your phone. Remember to reinstall the official one to participate in the real voting event. (You can't have both installed at the same time). Disclaimer: only for experienced users. Participation is at your own risk.

Next dry run event

Snapshot date (remember to register preprod QR code and keep at least 500 testADA in your preprod wallet before this date): 12 May 11 UTC

Voting start (you may start submitting votes after this date): 13 May 11 UTC

Voting end (the voting event already completed): 17 May 11 UTC

Android app link and version: https://ci-output-sink.s3.amazonaws.com/norns/catalyst-master-v0.1.21-382-g3b7895af-dryrun-2631.apk

IOS app link and version: https://testflight.apple.com/join/FOqPhFne

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