Catalyst Network

What is the Catalyst Network?

The Catalyst network formerly known as Coordinator is a collective of projects from all rounds of funding.

Catalyst provides an innovative environment where the community can explore the highest potential of human collaboration, and the Catalyst Network is one of those spaces that allow funded projects to network, collaborate, explore topics, and even gain new insights and perspectives from leaders within and outside the Cardano community.

Why is the Catalyst Network Important?

The most essential part of Catalyst is the human element, meaning all projects funded within the ecosystem have the unique opportunity to leverage the monthly Network meetings to connect on a fundamental level to foster adoption through shared learning, collaboration, networking, and showcasing the work being done behind the scenes with the rest of the community.

How Does it work?

All projects funded by Catalyst are automatically part of the network after the onboarding process.

Previously, these meetings were mostly for funded projects to share progress updates and alignment once a fortnight. Recently, it has evolved into a 1.5 hours once a month event to deliver more value to projects building in Catalyst.

What to expect from these sessions:

  • Latest update from Catalyst team

  • Guest speakers facilitating business growth or technical topics

  • Regular Q & A

  • Break-out rooms for discussions or networking activities

How to Participate?

This event is exclusive to projects funded by Catalyst across all funds.

Meeting links will be provided on the funded project community announcement channels with regular updates on what to expect from the monthly sessions.

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