Resubmit milestones

If there is a refusal, it will be displayed on the project dashboard and the FP will receive a notification in the Milestone module To do list/Updates area (please note that FPs won’t receive this notification via email).

In such a situation, FP may submit a new statement to replace the SoM by clicking the Resubmit Statement of Milestone button. Form to fulfill will appear with a button Clone latest submission which can be used to prefill the form with previously submitted information. Once SoM is resubmitted, it will be reviewed again. This feedback loop continues until it is approved by the Catalyst Team sign off user. The Catalyst Team sign off user locks the SoM for further submissions.

FP can resubmit any milestone within SoM that is not yet locked . Once approved by the Catalyst Team sign off user, the button to submit the SoM will disappear and a green Approved by Catalyst Team sign off user on button will become visible. All previous submissions and related reviews are visible on the project dashboard as an archived version.

Once each milestone has been approved by reviewers and a Catalyst Team sign off user, each milestone in the SoM will be locked and no further changes can be made unless a milestone change request is submitted.

See this section for more information about submitting change requests.

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