How to become a Community Reviewer?

This page provides guidance to become Community Reviewer and identify ID in the Ideascale

How to become a Community Reviewer?

  1. Open your Ideascale account.

  2. You will have a pop-up visible - Update your profile fields.

  3. Please answer the first question - Would you like to participate as a Reviewer in Fund12 Community Reviewer stage?

  4. Please answer the rest of the questions, if applicable.

  5. Choose submit button.

  1. If you wish to edit the profile, you may do it by choosing pencil button in the Profile details tab in your profile.

How to identify my ID in the Ideascale?

Anonymized ID can be found in your profile, it will be visible once proposals allocation is done. IMPORTANT NOTE: Allocations and anonymized ID are not visible on the mobile devices.

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