Catalyst - Project Closeout Process for projects up to Fund9

Important notice - By submitting the project closeout report and video, you allow the

Catalyst team to share the information you submit in such project closeout report and video

with the wider Cardano community through select channels, including social media

platforms. No personal or contact information will be shared. If you do not want your

project to be featured or should you require more information, please get in touch with us at

In order for Catalyst to close your project please submit your project closeout report and project closeout video via this Google Form.

Please include:

  1. A 2/3 page written summary ‘Project Closeout Report’ listing KPIs and how they were (or were not) addressed and what the next stage plans are with the product or service that was developed. Please use the following headings for your report:

    • Name of project and Project URL on IdeaScale/Fund

    • Your Project Number

    • Name of project manager

    • Date project started

    • Date project completed

    • List of challenge KPIs and how the project addressed them

    • List of project KPIs and how the project addressed them

    • Key achievements (in particular around collaboration and engagement)

    • Key learnings

    • Next steps for the product or service developed

    • Final thoughts/comments

    • Links to other relevant project sources or documents.

    • Link to Close out video - must be either YouTube or Vimeo link only

2. A short video - no more than 2 - 5 mins in length - video link needs to be public - outlining the project achievements and deliverables. More guidance is below. Ideally, this video should demonstrate the project outputs, such as the software or dApp product/service developed and how it works. If the project is non-technical, then the video should clearly evidence the deliverables and work that you have completed. Please note that the close out video must show clear evidence of what has been developed/achieved with Catalyst funding. Your video needs to be of high quality - 720p or 1080p only - and should cover 4 elements -

  • Which challenge did you enter and why, what was the approach you submitted in your proposal application which was eventually funded? Please explain any particular technical solutions you proposed and the amount of funding you received.

  • Once your project went live, how did you progress? What learnings and challenges did you find along the way? Were you able to keep the project within the scope of your application? What milestones/KPIs did you set at the outset, and did you achieve them? Importantly, what were the fund challenges, and did you achieve them? What did you not achieve? What other major achievements were there?

  • Please include a demonstration of the project outputs, such as the software or dapp product or service, and how it works. If the project is non-technical, please provide evidence of the deliverables and work that you have completed.

  • What next for the product/service you have developed? If appropriate, please tell us about any commercialization/exploitation plans you have now that your funded project is complete, particularly whether you are seeking further funding and what the funding would be used for.

IMPORTANT: Please note we can only accept Youtube or Vimeo links for your video.Please do not send videos that sit on your shared drive as they will not be accepted. The video link should be Public or it will not be accepted.

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