Requesting a change to funded project from F10 onwards

Overview: Sometimes plans may change, and that’s okay. However, Catalyst needs to account for these changes transparently. For this purpose, there's a Change Request (CR) process. Only well-argued CRs with adequate supporting information will be approved.

Applicable scenarios

  • A change to any deliverable, any form of pivot to the project, KPI, or output that was included in

    • Statement of Milestones

  • A change to the timelines (duration and project completion date) set out in the original proposal and at onboarding specifically

  • A change to the funding schedule and payment structure that was agreed with Catalyst at the onboarding stage

  • A change to the payment address where project receives their tranche allocations

How to submit a Change Request?

  1. In writing on the project's letterhead (using the information that is tied to your onboarding information)

  2. Send CR request attached as a PDF to e-mail

  3. The document should include the following information:

    • Project ID and Title in the letter and in the subject line of your email

    • What exactly is the change you want to make?

    • What is the need for this change?

    • Are there any changes to the approved deliverables stated in either the original proposal or SoM (Y/N)?

      • If yes, please describe the changes and why the original deliverables cannot be achieved

  • What is the impact of this change on the ability to complete the project as set out in the original proposal?

  • If the change is financial in any way, please lay out in clear detail the BEFORE and AFTER of your change request in a table as part of your CR.

Example for guidance below:

  1. Once a project's change request is received, it will be reviewed and assessed by the Catalyst team

  2. Project will then receive an email notification from the Catalyst team informing the project whether their change has been accepted or if further information is required.

  3. If change request was approved, Catalyst will unlock FP SoM resubmission in the Milestone module and will insert link to change request on the proposal dashboard (it will become public)

  4. FP resubmits SoM via the Milestone Module once received email from Catalyst team that SoM submission is reopened

  5. Milestone Reviewers receive notification to review resubmitted SoM

  6. Milestone Reviewers compare SoM against change request

    • If SoM and CR is different, Milestone Reviewers won’t approve it and FP will have to submit SoM again

    • If SoM and CR is the same, Catalyst Team sign off user locks SoM


Change request can be submitted only for milestones where PoAs are not signed off yet

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