Suspension by the Fund Operator

Grantees will be informed in writing should the Fund Operator deem it necessary to suspend funding for a project. In such instances, the Grantee will be advised to stop any further work on the project and will have 30 calendar days to discuss with the Fund Operator the circumstances giving rise to the suspension and a potential remediation.

If the issue causing suspension is not rectified to the reasonable satisfaction of the Fund Operator within a reasonable period of time, then the grant may be terminated by the Fund Operator in whole or in part, and the Grantee may be required to repay some or all of the funds already paid to them.

Examples of events that may result in the Fund Operator suspending grant payments include but are not limited to:

  1. Where the Fund Operator believes statements in any part of a project’s application or project documentation may be false;

  2. Where the Fund Operator believes that a Grantee may have misused grant funds, including, in a fraudulent or financially misleading way, for purposes not declared within the application for funding or contrary to what was agreed with the Fund Operator;

  3. Where the proposed outcomes of the project change significantly and such changes have not been approved in advance via the Change Request process;

  4. Where the Fund Operator believes that a Grantee may be in breach of the funding rules applicable to the project, including inability to deliver the project within approved scope and timeframe.

List of suspended projects by the Funded Operator may be found Public Reporting Tracker in the tab suspended/terminated projects.

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