Community Review - Scoring Rubric and Guiding Questions

Elements to consider in reviews

Community Reviewers must consider each of the following points as they undertake their reviews:

  • Assign for each criteria a score between 1 and 5 based on the scoring rubric below

  • For each of the three criteria a score and rationale for your score must be provided.

  • Each of the 3 sections should be considered and reviewed on its own merits; these sections are:

    • Impact ~ Does the proposal have the potential to provide a positive impact to Cardano?

    • Feasibility / Capability ~ Is the proposal feasible, and does the proposer have the capability to deliver the project successfully and manage Treasury funds properly?

    • Resources / Value for money ~ Does the proposal represent good value for money for the treasury and community?

  • Your rationale must explain the score you have given. If a rationale does not correspond with the score given, the review may be removed.

  • Any score without a rationale will be filtered out, and you will not be compensated.

  • Your rationale should help the voters decide, so make sure your considerations, scores and rationales are comprehensible.

  • Consider and communicate what additional information or improvements the proposer could include in future funds.

  • Be sure that you submit your review correctly.

Each of the three scored sections of a proposal (Impact, Feasibility, Value for Money) will be marked 1-5, where [1 Star ★] = very poor answer, through to [5 Stars ★★★★★] = great answer.






Examples of scoring and rationales

The following are generic examples of scoring rationale for each of the three criteria. Please notethat these examples should not be directly copied; you should use your rationale when completing your review.


You are reviewing this project's positive impact on the Cardano Ecosystem.

Has this project clearly demonstrated in all aspects of the proposal that it will positively impact the Cardano Ecosystem?



NO - this project has failed to demonstrate the impact it will have on the Cardano Ecosystem - the impact has not been adequately defined or elaborated.

The Impact will be LOW - this proposal element is VERY POOR


Partially - the project has only partially demonstrated that it will have some impact on the Cardano Ecosystem, but there are too many gaps and omissions in the proposal. Likely, the proposed impact is not achievable. The proposal does not clearly explain how the proposed solution will make a real difference.

The Impact will be MEDIUM - this proposal element is OK.


YES - this project clearly demonstrates and explains the positive impact it will have on the Cardano ecosystem, including a clear description of how they will prove the impact with tangible, measurable evidence. The impact of this proposal is realistic and achievable. The project team has demonstrated that it will properly engage with and communicate with the Community on progress.

The Impact will be HIGH - this proposal element is GREAT

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