F12 Voting App changes

Below is the list of changes in the F12 Voting App.


Fix selected votes behavior at app restart

In previous funds, there was a bug reported related to the votes preferences disappearing in the App restart. Every time when App was closed and reopened, all the voting preferences not sent on the sidechain were cleared. It is now fixed. The vote choices are now persistently saved in the App and are cleared only when the votes are submitted (they remain visible in the “submitted votes tab”) or if the wallet is disconnected.

Fund stages transitions

The events that are happening in the App during every stage transition (e.g. from “voting registration” to “voting open”) are now optimized. App reacts without delays to the stage change displaying the proper UI. In previous funds were reported unexpected delays causing confusion from an UX perspective.


Proposal search improvements

The engine used for the textual search in the voting App has been updated. The main enhancement involves the use of tokenization for words. Now, when searching for a specific word, such as "CAT", the results will display instances of the exact word "CAT" and not other words containing the string "CAT", like “CATEGORY”. Therefore, we recommend using complete words for your searches. Additionally, the ranking mechanism has been refined, and several performance improvements have been made.

Continuous snapshot feature available during voting stage for wallets not eligible to vote

In previous versions of the App, a user with a non valid registration (e.g. below the minimum ADA threshold at the snapshot time), was presented with a “Wallet not found” popup without any further explanation. We have now introduced a different flow that keeps the user connected in the voting App, showing the reason for their inability to vote. In this way, users can keep the wallet connected for the next event without being disconnected.

UX wallet connection flow improvements

The UX for the wallet connection was improved, removing unnecessary and contradictory steps that were reported by users in previous funds as confusing.

Minor fix and improvements

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