How to participate in community reviews?

Community Review stage is an important opportunity for the Cardano community to offer their opinions and feedback, as community reviewers, to proposers about their innovation funding proposals submit.

Who are the Community Reviewers?

As a Community Reviewer (previously referred to as Proposal Assessor) you play an important role in the Catalyst funding process by providing your opinion as an input to voters who may use your feedback about a proposal to help make their decisions whether to vote for the proposal or not. You are also offering your feedback to proposers by scoring each proposal you review on how well it has responded to the criteria and providing your reasons for why you gave those scores.

Community Reviewers participating in the Community Review stage are Cardano community members from all walks of life and regions around the world.

Community reviewers could be fairly new to the Cardano ecosystem or they could be veterans that have been involved with Cardano and Catalyst for a long time.

For voters

Community reviewer feedback should be considered as opinions about the general project idea and content provided in each proposal, and should not treat the Community Reviewers feedback as opinions necessarily formed by experts. There are of course experts participating in Catalyst, however there is no clear way to distinguish one person from another as Community Reviewers identities are generally anonymous.

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