Scoring guidance for the Proposer

This page provides an overview of what Community Reviewers will consider when submitting their opinions

Community Reviewers will score each proposal between 1-5 for each of the three criteria listed below. They are asked to provide their opinion on whether the proposal has clearly outlined the ability to provide a solution within the context of the three criteria:




PLEASE NOTE: Do not assume that every Community Reviewer has technical or subject matter expertise.

Elements to consider when submitting your idea

When submitting your idea, it is important that you consider the following as you formulate your proposal:

  1. Does your proposal clearly show a positive IMPACT for the Cardano ecosystem and its community? IMPACT means that the work you do on this project has a real, tangible positive effect or influence on the ecosystem. Does the project idea seem as if it has the potential to make a difference? Is the proposed impact realistic and achievable? Does the project team give high levels of confidence and assurances they will keep the community properly updated through correct and regular reporting?

  2. Is your project proposal FEASIBLE within the plan and budget submitted? Please note, that should you be successful you will be required to submit a Statement of Milestones, more information is available in the ‘Associated Resources’ section. Does your team have the skills, experience, CAPABILITY and capacity to complete the project successfully? Will your project achieve an outstanding result? Is the plan easily understood? Are the outcomes easily verified? Are your timelines and KPIs reasonable and can they be achieved in the timeframe you propose?

  3. Does the project represent VALUE FOR MONEY for the Community? Are the funds requested properly explained and is the amount of funding requested justified and reasonable? Has the proposal justified why Treasury funds are needed? Do you have the team RESOURCES available or are there gaps in your team that you need to hire for? Please remember that all costs must be calculated in ADA.

Your proposal should present clearly your path to a successful completion of your project and clearly explain the impact and outputs of what you are developing (‘by developing X we will be able to do A,B,C which can be measured by 1,2,3 which will mean Y,Z type of positive impact for the community and Cardano’)

Use extensive links, attachments and any other relevant supporting evidence to show your capability and capacity to deliver the project successfully.

Each of the three scored sections of your proposal (Impact, Feasibility, Value for Money) will be marked 1-5, with 1 = very poor answer to 5 = great answer.






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