Approval of the Statement of Milestones

  1. Once a Statement of Milestones is submitted, Community Reviewers will be notified that a Statement of Milestones is ready for review.

  2. At least 2 Community Reviewers will be assigned to verify that the Statement of Milestones is in line with the project proposal and complies with the requirements set out in these Guidelines concerning outputs, acceptance criteria, and evidence of milestones completion.

  3. A Community Reviewer may ask for clarifications from Funded Projects if the deliverables or requirements set out in the Statement of Milestones are unclear or incomplete. Funded Projects will be able to refine the Statement of Milestones and address any clarifications accordingly.

  4. If one Community Reviewer does not approve the Statement of Milestones, the Funded Project has to resubmit it considering the comments provided and go through the review process again. Once both Community Reviewers reach a consensus, the Catalyst team will provide their final review and approval.

  5. Funded Projects are only considered LIVE once the Statement of Milestones has received all approvals from Community Reviewers and the Catalyst team. Funding disbursements cannot commence until a Statement of Milestones is approved, and the project is LIVE.

  6. Once a Statement of Milestones has been approved, it can only be changed by following the Change Request Process. Milestones can be delivered out of sequence if Funded Projects submit a Change Request to amend the delivery schedule and expected deliverables at each milestone review checkpoint.

  7. The Catalyst Team and Community Reviewers approve the Statement of Milestones as part of the onboarding process, including completing the Proof of Life process.

  8. Once the onboarding process is complete, Funded projects will receive the first monthly Milestone Funding Amount allocated to Milestone 1.

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