Confirming Proof of Life

Your actions:

  1. By 20 September 2023 please find suitable Proof of Life meeting 4 x 1.5 hr slots in your diary/calendar between 26th of September2023 and 2 October 2023 during working days.

  2. You should set aside four 1.5 hour slots that are convenient to you but please be aware you may be working with project teams that are scattered across time zones so ideally find two morning slots (1.5 hrs each) and two afternoon slots (1.5 hrs each). PoL meetings require a minimum of two Challenge Team members. Please note that all scheduled meetings need to be set in UTC format.

  3. Once you have scheduled these PoL meetings, please submit this form to curate them for Funded Projects by IO. The deadline for submitting this form is 20 September

  4. The Catalyst Team will then introduce the Challenge Team to the funded projects, explaining the importance of their role and confirming the scheduled times for the PoL meetings. This will be emailed to all FPs and announced at the central onboarding meeting.

  5. You should then contact the Project teams directly to invite them to join you at one of the PoL meetings via diary/calendar invite, including your preferred method of video meeting. Every PoL meeting must be recorded.

  6. Some of your Funded Projects may have received funding for multiple projects in various challenges for Fund10. In this instance, they have an option to confirm PoL with JUST ONE of either you or another Challenge Team instead of doing it for every challenge they are approved for funding in separately.

    • Funded project lead representatives funded in more than one challenge are told THEY MUST notify all other CTs they have already satisfied PoL.

    • If this is the case, mark the PoL requirement in your CT Spreadsheet appropriately.

  7. During the PoL meeting (scheduled by CT individually), each funded project lead representative must provide you with the following information to confirm their Proof of Life with their camera ON:

    1. Their full name (spelled out as necessary)

      • This has to be either proposer or co-proposer as listed in Ideascale unless explicitly stated otherwise in the FP onboarding form.

      • Please note: PoL is not for the entire team - one person is sufficient.

    2. Their project name & project ID#, e.g., 100001 (not IdeaScale ID#)

      • Project ID# will be found in this document under the Fund10 tab, Column B - post publishing F10 results

    3. Their primary place of business (which city/country)

      • This could be where the project is incorporated or its primary activities are based. This does not have to be one location.

    4. Their intended completion date

      • When will their project delivery finish based on the scope of funding

    5. Timestamp of the recording

      • Add timestamps for every PoL as in this demo example (column J)

      • The Live spreadsheet will be shared by the 25th September 2023 via email.

    6. Link to the recording

      • Every CT will be provided with a private folder to upload their recordings there. By the 25th September 2023, this folder will be shared with CTs directly via email.

    7. If a primary proposer has already confirmed PoL in a previous fund you will not need to conduct PoL with them again for F10 - they will be automatically confirmed.

      • Primary proposer as listed in Ideascale has to be the same for this to be true.

      • You will be alerted to this fact by Catalyst.

    8. One or more people in CT will need to note this information.

    9. You should then email as confirmation once you have verified PoL for all of your funded projects. The deadline for this is 2nd October 2023

New for F10 - Statement of Milestones

For reference only (no CT action needed) - All projects in F10 will be following new reporting requirements based on clear milestones, reviewed by two community reviewers throughout project delivery. Funding will be linked to demonstrating that they have achieved their specified milestones. More information is available here.

Each funded project will receive information directly from Catalyst about the Milestone based process. If an FP requires any more information about the milestone based process, please refer them to Catalyst email:

Anything else to consider?

If a funded project does not attend a scheduled PoL meeting, it will be their responsibility to follow up with you and arrange a one-to-one PoL meeting within the time slots you have offered.

If an FP cannot attend any of the meeting options you have offered, please contact with full details, and we will follow up with the FP.

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