Known Issues

Known issues in Fund10 Voting App

Catalyst Voting App Versions:

  • 4.3 Android and iOS (production version 0.1.28 #2223)

  • 4.4 iOS (production version 0.1.30 #2241)

  • Backend Version: 4.3



Rounding ComRev scoring data

Community Review scoring data is using the star rating system logic to round aggregated scores for each of the 3 criteria without decimal points, except for a score of 4.5


Some users may experience inconsistent or odd formatting on certain pages, such as the relevant team experience section

Navigation of randomized sorting

When users apply the (default) “randomize” sorting option, then clicking the arrows to navigate between proposals will cause the number to change randomly, rather than incrementing by 1

Navigation bar items

Navigation bar items may appear misplaced for iPhone users

Voting has ended message

Once voting ends, some users may see their voting power replaced by asterisks (“***”) rather than being replaced by the appropriate message

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