Submitting Proof of Achievement (PoA)


Projects receiving Milestone-based-funding are required to follow their planned milestones throughout the lifespan of their project as set forth by a Statement of Milestones (SoM). When individual milestones are met, funded-proposers submit a Proof of Achievement (PoA), Which is not to be confused with a monthly report (MR).

When to submit SoM form

  • Approved Funded-projects submit SoMs once voting has concluded during onboarding,

  • Followed by a Milestone Review process before the first milestone-based funds are distributed

  • Typically within 2-4 weeks of the results of voting being announced

When to submit PoA form

  • Cadence:

    • Upon completion of a milestone which generally varies depending on the project.

  • PoA Submission Window:

    • By the 20th (midnight UTC) to be considered for primary distribution in a month following

    • Monthly deadline is intended to allow time for review in order to be included in the next primary monthly distribution

      • Submitting information on the deadline day or very imminently close to it risks delays in review due to volume of projects

      • The sooner project submits PoA, the faster the review can process it

Which projects produce SoM and PoA

  • All projects in the F9 Dapps & Integrations challenge regardless of value

  • Projects with nominal value equal or more of $75K across entire F9

Why SoM & PoA

  • Accountability of fundees to voters and the Cardano community

  • Funding controls prevent the treasury from being misused

  • Projects must demonstrate completion of the current milestone before receiving next milestone’s budget

How to submit PoA

  • Use the Milestone module for submitting evidence each milestone reached

    • One milestone = one PoA form submission

    • PLEASE REMEMBER: to submit your regular MR even if you have submitted a PoA within the same month. Both serve a different purpose.

Where to find each project's SoMs and PoAs


Dual Approvals

  • PoA approval is a joint exercise between members of the Milestone Reviewers and Catalyst Team Reviewer

  • Incomplete/inadequate submissions risk delay in verifying evidence and next payment distribution


  • Monthly disbursements to reach the next milestone will resume once project has demonstrated achievement of milestone completion and the reviewers have documented the verifications

  • PoA submission is for every individual milestone needs to be documented for public accountability:

    • Evidence of Outputs and acceptance criteria as per the verified SoM must be addressed

    • More relevant and explicit documented evidence, the higher the likelihood of smooth approval

    • It is recommended to include video walkthrough demonstrations for best chance of approval and contextual understanding as this provides narrative and dynamic visual evidence

    • Project evidence should be considerate of the general public’s level of comprehension

    • Once project submits a PoA, please check your SoM documentation regularly

    • Community reviews of PoA evidence will be published on the SoM

    • In case PoA clarifications are required a follow up submission may be requested

    • Please follow up swiftly to address any issues to alleviate any potential delays

Key factors

  • The amount and timing of funding project receives is primarily based on:

    • The amount project was approved during vote stage

    • The amount per milestone as agreed in the SoM

    • The proposed end date for each milestone as agreed via SoM documentation during onboarding

    • The quality and timeliness of reporting requirements over the lifecycle of a project

  • In case of disagreement, the Catalyst Team reserves the right to break the tie at this time


  • To support transparency and accountability, PoAs are published for public via

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