What is Good Evidence

Good examples of PoA completions:

General evidence

  • Evidence indicates what was done/accomplished within the last month

  • There is a clear description of the evidence

  • All links are working and Catalyst have access to open them

    • If you are submitting more than one project report, you have to provide different evidence of your monthly progress and its description for each of the projects

Specific evidence

  • If image/video is evidence:

    • Is it high quality and readable

    • Image was taken within the time frame of progression month

    • Image/video has clear description why it was shared

  • If code is evidence:

    • It is in the Git repository (GitHub, GitLab, etc.),

      • .img/.png are not acceptable

    • Checking if activity in Git match what stated in progress report

      • number of commits

      • number of line codes addition/deletion

      • number of active users

      • number of releases

  • If presentation/slide is evidence:

    • There is description of what was achieved during the last month (project description only is not accepted)

  • If plan/task is evidence:

    • There is a list of tasks completed in the last month and the description of/list of tasks for the future month (comparison if tasks from the previous month were accomplished) along with the supporting evidence

  • If a website is evidence:

    • There is clear evidence of new features/updates on the website and their description

In case of other evidence not mentioned above, evidence is checked provided is clear, points out what was achieved during the last month and has a description

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