How to review SoM as a Milestone Reviewer?

The Milestone Reviewer has to decide if the following parts of the milestones should be approved:

  • Outputs - outputs that FP will produce, for example,, technical outputs, documentation, prototypes, etc

  • Acceptance criteria - intended outcomes and standards by which to judge whether the objective has been achieved

  • Evidence of milestone completion clearly shows that a milestone has been completed.

The Milestone Reviewer assesses each part of the milestone separately and can add information if it is approved or not. Milestone is approved if each part is accepted.

Correct SoM formulation has an essential impact on the whole process. Milestone Reviewers should pay attention and assess carefully what Funded Project included in each milestone. If milestones are formulated correctly, then a further stage of reviewing evidence provided in PoA is much easier to follow. Below can be found general information on what should be included in the milestone:

  • Milestones should match the original proposal.

  • Outputs/acceptance criteria/evidence of milestone completion should be clear and understandable.

  • Outputs/acceptance criteria/evidence of milestone completion match together

  • Milestones should signify progress and allow to monitor the progress at a later stage.

  • Milestone should be easily reviewed by anyone in the community (e.g., short recording)

  • Milestone should contain enough evidence of what is planned to achieve

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