What else further down the line?

It is very important that you submit your PoAs at the end of each milestone on time as scheduled in your SoM as this impacts when funds are released to you.

The amount of funding your project receives will be based on the amount you have been accepted to receive and the proposed end date for each milestone.

The final batch of funding is only released once the project has submitted a proof of project closeout report and proof of demonstration video. The report and video will need to be reviewed and approved by both your assigned milestone reviewers and the Catalyst team.

Privacy and Confidentiality

If you wish to remain completely confidential through your Catalyst process then please email catalyst@iohk.io with your full details including your IdeaScale link and the reason for requesting privacy. At this stage of Catalyst development, it is NOT guaranteed that your identity will remain anonymous.

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest (CoI) can take form in various ways. In general, a CoI is defined as:

  • A conflict of interest occurs when a person's or entity's vested interests raise a question of whether their actions, judgment, and/or decision-making can be unbiased.

  • In business, a conflict of interest arises when a person chooses personal gain over duties to their employer, or to an organization in which they are a stakeholder, or exploits their position for personal gain in some way.

  • Conflicts of interest often have legal ramifications.

Declaring any CoI’s are important for transparency and auditability purposes. CoI’s can exist at the start of your project and also appear during delivery so it’s important to bear that in mind as your project progresses. If you have any legitimate concerns regarding a potential conflict please email catalyst@iohk.io with full details of your concerns so the Catalyst team can review. Honesty and transparency are valued here.

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