How to moderate the review

The moderator may open the review by choosing Go to Review button next to the allocated review in the Allocated Reviews section.

Once opened, there will be a visible proposal title, link to the Ideascale proposal page, reviewer anonymized ID, and a score for each criterion - impact, feasibility, and value for money. If the scripts flag a review, the flag will be visible in the upper right corner along with the type. The moderator must answer whether or not the flagged review should be included. Moderators may choose Next allocation button to go to another review.

Depends on the decision, Moderators will have to choose the rationale out of following options:

  • Yes

    • There is no evident issue with this review

    • Person’s own opinion

    • There isn't any profanity

    • It’s unique and not too similar to another review

    • It's similar to another review for a valid reason

    • Other - further written explanation needed

  • No

    • I believe this is not person’s own opinion

    • There is profanity

    • There is too much similarity with another review

    • Other - further written explanation needed

Once decision is made and rationale is chosen, Moderator can submit his work by clicking Submit button. If work was raised by mistake, it can be removed by clicking the Clear button and resubmitting.

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