Dashboard, Project Dashboard, and Notification sections

Users can see basic information regarding the proposal, number of milestones, payment schedules, and number of approvals, irrespective of their role type. Users can easily review their project dashboard by choosing the Open Milestones Details button.


Project dashboard

Notifications for all types of users will be visible a in the To-do list/Updates area. These notifications will indicate if milestones in SoM, PoA have been reviewed or received final approval.

Except of that, all type of users will receive email notification once action is needed:

For Funded Projects:

  • when a milestone/PoA needs to be submitted

  • when a milestone/PoA has been refused and needs to be resubmitted

For Milestone Reviewers:

  • when a milestone or PoA has been submitted or resubmitted and needs to be reviewed

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