Moderation module sections


In this section, Moderators can find links to Project Catalyst resources. It is a starting point of the Moderation Module.


In the Proposals section, LV2 Community Reviewers may find the list of all proposals funded in the current Fund along with the link to the Ideascale proposal and budget requested by the proposer. These are ordered by the proposal ID (descending).

Community Reviews section

Here Moderators will find a list of all reviews submitted in the current Fund for a reference to their current allocation.

Apart from that, there are three filters. Moderators can filter proposals by:

  • reviewer

  • proposal title

  • Fund category

Allocated Reviews section

In this section, Moderators will find the list of allocated reviews to be moderated. Once a section is chosen, basic information is displayed: proposal title, reviewer anonymized ID, scoring for each criterion (impact, feasibility, and value for money).

There are also 2 checkboxes: Flagged? for reviews with flags, and Already moderated, which will be ticked once a certain review is moderated.

Moderated Reviews

Already moderated reviews will be displayed in this section.

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