Submitting Monthly Reports


  • 1x per month

Submission window:

  • 20 days: 1st - 20th (midnight UTC)

  • Form is closed for new submissions after the 20th

  • Missing this reporting cycle will result in planned payment schedule to shift one month forward

How to submit:


  • It is recommended that a project submits their monthly report sooner in a month, such as the 15th, there is a greater chance that review has been carried out and may be notified via Catalyst no-reply email in case the evidence submitted requires clarifications. In such a scenario, you will have a chance to re-submit your report with further evidence (please refer to the guidance linked).

  • Ensure that the evidence provided is tangible and verifiable


  • Projects that produced a Statement of Milestones, please remember to submit both - MR and Proof of Achievement (PoA) in that given month.


  • To support transparency and accountability, MRs are published for public via

  • If a project does not wish for this to happen, must explain via email clearly why the report cannot be shared with the Community. This would be then presented by the project and reviewed by the Catalyst team on a scheduled call. By default, projects are expected to report publicly and only in exceptional cases private reporting shall be accepted.

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