Catalyst flags

Once the Community Review stage is finished, the Catalyst Team will exclude reviews that contain less than 150 characters in any of the categories (impact, feasibility, value for money) and then run scripts to flag reviews that are copy (or very similar) of other review, contains abusive language and written using AI.

Flagged reviews will be highlighted by having the checkbox Flagged? Ticked.

Flag types:

  • Similarity - review identical or almost identical to previously submitted review

Once the review is flagged as a similar to other one, then the similar proposal will appear. Moderators may choose to Expand and compare reviews that seem very similar and then decide whether to accept the review or not.

  • Profanity - review that contain profanity or abusive content or language

  • Use of AI - review that does not reflect the Community Reviewer opinion, is provided by others and/or an AI agent acting on their behalf (written by AI)

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