Key Dates

Catalyst will inform you of the group you are part of (there will be 8 groups of 4 to conduct PoL meetings). These will be published on the TG channel for PoL Verifiers. Please check with whom you will cooperate as a group.

8th February 2024

Each PoL Verifier group will choose a designated leader to have overall responsibility for engaging with the funded projects and with Catalyst.

EOD 9th February 2024 via Telegram

Join one of the PoL Verifiers onboarding meetings

Morning session 9 a.m. UTC time: link here

Afternoon session 3 p.m. UTC time: link here

14th February 2024

PoL meetings schedule submission

EOD 14th February 2024

F11 Results announced

15 February 2024

PoL verifiers will receive contact information for the funded projects they will be working with

By 20th February 2024

PoL verifier leader to contact the funded projects and share the schedule for PoL verification meetings

By 20 February 2024

Start of PoL

20 February 2024

End of PoL

1 March 2024

Deadline for onboarding completion

3 March 2024

At the onboarding stage, the Catalyst team will share with you contact information on the funded projects you will be working with by 20th February 2024 at the latest.

The designated leader of the PoL Verifier group will then need to contact each of their assigned funded projects to introduce themselves and inform them of the available PoL meeting times by 20th February 2024 .

PoL verification meetings will take place from February 20th to March 1st.

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