What is good evidence?

Below is the list of various evidence and the information on how they should look, which may be helpful for Milestone Reviewers:

General evidence

  • Evidence indicates what was done/accomplished in the milestone

  • There is a clear description of the evidence

  • All links are working, and Milestone Reviewer may open it

Specific evidence

  • If image/video is evidence:

    • Is it high-quality and readable

    • The image/video has a clear description of why it was shared

If code is evidence:

  • It is in the Git repository (GitHub, GitLab, etc.),

  • Checking if activity in Git matches what is stated in the report

    • number of commits

    • number of line codes addition/deletion

    • number of active users

    • number of releases

If presentation/slide is evidence:

  • There is a description of what was achieved

If a website is evidence:

  • There is clear evidence of new features/updates on the website and their description

In case of other evidence not mentioned above, the proof is checked that the provided is clear, points out what was achieved, and has a description.

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