Glossary of terms

Funded Project (FP) - a project approved for funding by the community of ada holders as part of Fund 9

Catalyst Team reviewer - Member of Catalyst Team which review SoM/PoA

Milestone Reviewer - Reviewer which is part of the community (member of the Challenge Team in F9)

Catalyst Team sign off user - Member of Catalyst Team which checks if there are 2 approvals for SoM/PoA required to release payment for FP

Catalyst Team system admin - Catalyst Team member which has all capabilities in the Milestone module along with the possibility to export data in CSV format to create funding files

Proof of Achievement (PoA) - evidence to be submitted by Funded Projects to show that the acceptance criteria for a Milestone as set out in the Statement of Milestones have been fulfilled, and the Milestone has been completed.

Statement of Milestones (SoM) - a written document created in the Milestones Module that sets out the schedule of milestones, deliverables, milestone achievement dates, milestone funding amounts, and the expected evidence of achievements.

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