What do you need to do next?

  1. You will need to complete the onboarding form by noon UTC on 25 September 2023.

  2. On September 26th, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password and create a new one in the Milestone Module

  3. By 27th of September at 23:59 UTC you should inform the Catalyst Team via email if you would like to have additional milestones in the Milestone Module

  4. You should submit your Statement of Milestones between 26 September 2023 and 02 October 2023

    • Each funded project must submit a Statement of Milestones before the project goes live and before first payment is received.

    • Your Statement of Milestones will need to be submitted for review by no later than 02 October 2023.

  5. Attend one of the Catalyst Celebration Onboarding Meetings on 26 September 2023 (not mandatory, but recommended). You will get the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any outstanding doubts.

  6. To assist you as a Funded Project, a Challenge Team (CT) is assigned to you:

    • CT is made up of community members taking up the role of stewarding challenges, they are ambassadors for Catalyst and will be engaged to learn about your progress over the course of the project.

    • Each challenge has its own specific CT and the Catalyst team will introduce you to your Challenge Teams and send them your project's contact information via email by the end of the day on 26 September 2023.

    • CTs are helping to onboard you and you will need to confirm your Proof of Life (PoL) in order for Catalyst to release your initial batch of funding.

      1. Gentle reminder; PoL is mandatory in order to set your project to LIVE

      2. Schedule a short meeting. CTs will be engaged over the course of your project, they’re an important part of the process.

    • Note: If you have already completed a PoL you do not need to complete it again (you are automatically confirmed)

    • Your Challenge Team will contact you with a schedule of available meeting slots for your PoL meeting, which will take place between 26 September to 2nd October 2023. There are multiple opportunities to meet with CT to confirm PoL.

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