Reviewer Rewards

LV0 reviewers will receive a maximum of 25 ada per review. This amount could be less if LV0 reviewers completed many more reviews. LV0 gets rewarded only for allocated reviews. To receive rewards, LV0 must have at least 10 valid reviews. The pot of given LV0 rewards includes the overflow of additional LV1 reviews that exceed the LV1 reviewer’s auto-allocation, added to the LV0 pool of published reviews.

LV1s can expect a fixed amount of 50 ada per allocated review. If the LV1 reviewer wants to perform more reviews beyond the assigned allocation, then every additional published review will be compensated for the LV0 pot of rewards. To receive rewards, LV1 must have at least 10 valid reviews, including assigned and additional reviews. Any number of reviews under this amount will not be rewarded.

The minimum sample for work was 10 moderated reviews for each Reviewer. Where the Reviewer submitted less than 10 overall - that's their full moderated sample. If moderation has resulted in a percentage of acceptance for those reviews below 69% and the sample includes at least 5 reviews, all associated work was excluded from scoring calculation and rewards.

LV2s can expect to receive a maximum of 5 ada per flag check. The effort here is anticipated to be straightforward and quick for each flagged review.

Only valid, published reviews will be rewarded. Discarded reviews will not be rewarded.

You can find the final outcome of the moderation stage at this link:

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