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Developer Resources

Resources for community developers to make the most of testnet voting events for building and testing ecosystem tools
Testnet voting events will give community developers an opportunity to:
  • Explore endpoints, data, and responses from APIs to be used during production funding events
  • Validate compliance with the latest voter registration format
  • Test integration of community tools that rely on legacy Catalyst APIs for data
  • Practice using audit tool suite on testnet voting results
As Catalyst Voices gets built, developers will be able to:
  • Validate compliance with updated wallet connect, role registration, and vote signature methods
  • Test integration of community tools that want to consume data from new Catalyst Voices APIs before they get deployed to production
Eventually, the testnet will allow developers to:
  • Test integration of community tools that submit new data to Catalyst APIs
  • Pilot fully decentralized operations by participating in vote storage and confirmation on Hermes