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Testnet Voting Events

Continuous opportunities to test-drive the Catalyst experience and provide feedback on the latest features

What is a Testnet Voting Event?

Testnet voting events mimic the regular Catalyst fund cycle, but with important differences:
  • Take place more frequently
  • No funds are tied to the results of the vote
  • Do not require ADA to participate - can use mainnet OR testnet wallets*
*Note that mainnet wallets will require a small transaction fee to register and a minimum of 500ADA to vote. Testnet wallets may obtain testADA from the faucet, free of charge. See the Register Wallet page for more details.

Why participate?

Even though there are no funds at stake with testnet voting events, there are still plenty of reasons to participate:
  • Play with the latest capabilities that Catalyst has to offer and get a sneak preview on what's to come in future funding rounds
  • Support testing and provide feedback to help guide the development of new features
  • Practice navigating the Catalyst fund lifecycle so you can be prepared to participate & earn funds in the next live round

How does it work?

Testnet voting events will take place roughly every 2-weeks, with condensed participation windows that mirror the regular Catalyst lifecycle.
Wallets registered to vote on either Cardano mainnet OR Cardano testnet will be able to participate.
To start, users will be able to register a wallet, browse proposals, and cast votes. Proposals will either contain mock data, or historical data from previous funds.
Later, users will be able to create and submit test proposals to be used in testnet voting events. Other activities like community review and milestone review will also be added over time.
Ultimately, testnet voting evens will become the home for collaboration and experimentation in Catalyst - offering a home to pilot exciting capabilities like novel voting methods, integrations with community tools, and more.

Getting Started

Visit the Active Events page for details on current and upcoming testnet voting events.