Cast Votes

Use the Catalyst app to submit votes to the voting ledger

Once you've connected a registered wallet to the Catalyst Mobile App, you'll be able to browse and cast votes on proposals once the voting window opens. Be sure to submit your final choices before the voting window closes for your votes to be counted in the final tally.

Learn more about how to cast votes in the Voter Guide.

The voting experience on the testnet will look just like it does in regular funding rounds, except you'll get to test the latest enhancements that regular users won't see until the next funding round.

Proposal data will either be mock data, or historical proposals from past funding rounds.

Remember - this is just a testnet. You'll get to cast votes like normal, but the results of the vote will not have any impact on funding outcomes.

If you'd like to test voting on the Governance Voting Center instead of the mobile app, check out the relevant section on the Get Application page.

Coming Soon

The Catalyst Voices platform will bring new ways to discover and vote on proposals. Stay tuned to be among the first users to test exciting new features before they come to official funding rounds.

In future iterations of testnet voting events, users will have the ability to submit their own proposals for voting on the Catalyst testnet. This will unlock exciting capabilities for community consensus building outside of regular Catalyst voting.

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