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Milestone 1

This page is a result of the first milestone deliverables for Catalyst Fund Operations Proposals by the Catalyst Team.
First milestone required to produce a publicly accessible location (e.g. within the Catalyst Public Gitbook or somewhere similar and suitable) where the IOG Catalyst Team's Catalyst Fund Operations deliverables will be published monthly along with status updates and progress reports. The Catalyst Team opted for leveraging existing Knowledge Base GitBook instead of creating a new location. This is to keep information in one place for community to have an easy access to. Because Fund campaigns spans over course of several months, the team will periodically update the milestone pages on this GitBook to demonstrate progress in advance of formal Proof of Achievements.
Acceptance criteria of M1 was to ensure that this information will be publicly accessible and will includes list of relevant deliverables, reports, updates. This is now satisfied with the update to via new section to for progress. Also cadence of updates are targeted to be done continuously as it becomes available but at least once a month. The latest update timestamp for each section of Operations Proposal will be also shared at the bottom of these pages to communicate this efficiently.
Last update on Dec 12, 2023