Proposal submission Guide

This page guides proposers in submitting their proposal in ideascale

There are many resources available to help you navigate the proposal submission process.

For additional assistance, please consider reviewing the following documents and support:

Key dates:

Deadline to submit draft proposals - November 30, 2023 at 11:00 AM UTC

Deadline to finalise proposals - December 7, 2023 at 11:00 AM UTC

*Note: Any largely blank proposals (empty drafts with many TBD/TBC/coming soon items) or ideas with titles such as "Placeholder" may be archived without notice at any time. Kindly submit drafts once you are ready to proceed with enough context for the community to provide tangible feedback.

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Proposal title

Please note we suggest you use no more than 60 characters for your proposal title so that it can be easily viewed in the voting app

The title should clearly express what the proposal is about. Voters can see the title in the voting app, even without opening the proposal, so a clear, unambiguous, and concise title is very important.


Name and Surname of Main Applicant

Please provide the name and surname of the main applicant. The main applicant is considered as the individual responsible for the project and the person authorized to act on behalf of other applicants (where applicable).


Are you delivering this project as an individual or as an entity (whether formally incorporated or not)

Please select from one of the following

  1. Individual

  2. Entity (Incorporated)

  3. Entity (Not Incorporated)


Co proposers and Additional applicants

List any persons who are submitting the proposal jointly with the main applicant. Make sure you have confirmed approval/awareness with these individuals / accounts before adding them. If there is more than one proposer, identify the lead person who is authorised to act on behalf of other co-proposers

IMPORTANT - A maximum of 5 (five) proposals can be led or Co-proposed by the same applicant or enterprise. More information can be found here


Requested funds in ada

Minimum 15k in Ada for all projects

All amounts below are in Ada

Maximum caps on funds requested segmented by 3 tiers for Cardano Use Cases

  • Concept: up to 100k

  • Solution: up to 300k

  • Product: up to 750k

Cardano Open (both technical & non-technical tracks) up to 200k

Catalyst System Improvements: no cap


Please specify how many months you expect your project to last (from 2-12 months)

Minimum 2 months - Maximum 12 months.

The scope of your funding request and this project is expected to produce the deliverables you specify in the proposal within 2-12 months.

If you believe your project will take longer than 12 months, consider reducing the project’s scope so that it becomes achievable within 12 months.

If your project completes earlier than scheduled so long as you have submitted your PoAs and Project Completion report and video then your project can be closed out


Please indicate if your proposal has been auto-translated into English from another language.

YES/NO - Tick YES to remind readers that your proposal has been translated, and that they should be tolerant of any language imperfections.

You can either link a document with your proposal in its original language OR provide your response in your native language after the English language in each question if you wish.

Tick NO if your proposal has not been auto- translated into English from another language


What is the exact problem you want to solve? (200-character limit including spaces)

Ensure you say what is a well-defined problem. What is the core issue that you hope to fix? Remember: the reader might not recognize the problem unless you state it clearly.

This answer will be displayed on the Catalyst voting app, so voters will see it even if they don't open your proposal to read it in detail.


Summarize your solution to the problem (200-character limit including spaces)

Focus on what you are going to do, or make, or change, to solve the problem. So not 'There should be a way to....' but 'We will make a...'

Clearly state how the solution addresses the specific problem you have identified - connect the 'why' and the 'how'.

This answer will be displayed on the Catalyst voting app, so voters will see it even if they do not open your proposal and read it in detail.


Website/ GitHub repository, or any other relevant link

Here, you could include links to your website or that of a partner organization, and/or a link to any whitepaper or other publication you have written about your proposal.

Note however that this is extra information that voters and Community Reviewers might choose not to read. You should not fail to include any of the questions in this form because you feel the answers can be found elsewhere.

If any links are specified make sure these are added in good order (first link must be present before specifying second). Also ensure all links include ‘https.’ Without these steps, the form will not be submittable and show errors.


Does your project have any dependencies on other organizations, technical or otherwise?



If YES, please describe what the dependency is and why you believe it is essential for your project’s delivery. If NO, please write “No dependencies.”

Here you should list any dependencies and prerequisites for your project’s success. These are usually external factors (such as third-party suppliers, external resources, third-party software, etc.) that may cause a delay, since a project has less control over them. In case of third party software, indicate whether you have the necessary licenses and permission to use such software.

Required if you replied YES to the above question about dependencies

Will your project’s output/s be fully open source? Open source refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.

Conversely, only the original authors of proprietary software can legally copy, inspect, and alter that software.



Please provide here more information on the open source status of your project outputs

If you answered YES to the above questions

Please indicate here the type of licence you intend to use for open source and provide any further information you feel is relevant to the open source status of your project outputs.

If only certain elements of your code will be open source please clarify which elements will be open source here.

If you answered NO to the above question, please give further details as to why your projects outputs will not be open source.



Any largely blank proposals (empty drafts with many TBD/TBC/coming soon items) or ideas with titles such as "Placeholder" may be archived without notice at any time. Kindly submit drafts once you are ready to proceed with enough context for the community to be able to provide tangible feedback.

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